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Olawale Ajayi ( born 21 December 1994), better known by his stage name ROCKYWALEZ*, is a Nigerian recording artist, singer, songwriter, and performer. He finished from the department of Political science and conflict resolution in Al-hikmah University in Ilorin, Western part of Nigeria in 2016, proceed to doing the compulsory NYSC in 2017.  He is an Afropop singer who draws his inspiration from chris brown, 2-face and other notable musicians.  He has been recording music as far back as 2009 and very versatile with his choice of songs, comfortable with most genres of music. And he is yet to be signed to a notable record label.
Recent posts

Style Inspiration: Rhonkefella

Okay. So, I’ve been viewing her IG posts for a while now and I think she’s awe inspiring. The way she combines colours and outfits are so delectable. What I really like about her style is that she’s natural and doesn’t look all over the place. She slays effortlessly. 😋

Look 1

Red! Who doesn’t love the way red pops up and stands out. What I love about this look is the colour of the dress and that breathtaking slit.

Look 2 Mama de mama:  That's what I'll like to call this one. Reminds me of a Hip woman in her late thirties that hasn't come to play at all. The Lycra material is really beautiful. Plus the net hand? Talk about icing on a cake.

Look 3 This jumpsuit is to die for. Starting from its length to its play on colours. I like the way the bodice looks it's beautiful.

Look 4 Yellow. Who doesn't like yellow? I think the colour is actually very beautiful and shines elegantly on coloured people. Then the animal print inner! I also like both shoes but if you ask me, …

How to Make Edikaikong Soup

Hello Gourmets,
So, it's been a while since I did a food post on this blog. Yesterday, I felt like, ok, let me think of some soup that you might want to learn how to make and Edikaikong pops up in my head.

This soup is a calabar soup. Highly nutritious and very delicious. So, real quick, let's move on to the necessary ingredients that you need to achieve that picture up there.

Water leavesUgwu(Pumpkin leaves)Yellow pepperScotch bonnet pepper (rodo)Beef( I had to use chicken for this one because I'm just recovering from a very nagging tooth ache)CrayfishPrawnDry fishSeasoningSaltCow Hyde (pomo)OnionsStock fishPeriwinkle Before you start cooking, it is advisable to first squeeze out the water in your pumpkin leaves. You rinse it first and rub the leaves on both palm to get liquid out of it. Keep in a drain so it doesn't hold water. Rinse out your water leaves as well.

Add all your proteins in a pot and boil together till all the juice is completely dried out. It leaves u…

Crush 3 (A Short Story)

Love never gives up. Love cares more for others than for self. Love doesn't want what it doesn't have. Love doesn't strut, Love doesn't force itself on others, Isn't always "me first," Doesn't fly off the handle, Doesn't keep score of the sins of others. Doesn't revel when others grovel, Takes pleasure in the flowering of truth,
Puts up with anything, Trusts God always, Always looks for the best, Never looks back, But keeps going to the end.
Love never dies. 

Natty's wedding was a success. Grand style aristocratic setting. I even got to see Tim's parents. Not as anything though but as a photographer, covering their daughter's wedding. And , yea! I agreed to be Tim's friend. Like, what were you expecting though?

I'm on to another client's job. I'm editing the pictures that would make it to the album when I receive a text from Tim. "Hi babes."
"Hello dude."


Oh Woman! What is it that you are made of?
What do you bear, what elements constitutes your being?
What is it about your voice that they desperately try to silence?

Oh woman, what are the components of your heart?
Why do you love so fearlessly
Daintily Sunshine upon the sea spread so carelessly
You are more than a decoration
You are not the appetizer or dessert, you are the main course

Oh woman, why do you allow yourself to be beguiled, enchanted, and bewitched
that you think you are not capable of leadership
Who, did this to you?
Who told you your colony was the kitchen
And your armory was your breast, buttom and luscious eyes

Woman! Unpretzel your mind!
Your weapon is your informed mind
Woman you are human first
Before you are a mother or wife
Awake from your inertia
Woman you are strength
Viva la mujer!

Have a Wonderful week.



Crush 2 (A Short Story)

Ah, Love! Could Thou and I with Fate Conspire
To grasp this Sorry Scheme of Things entire,
Would we not shatter it to bits - and then
Re-mould it nearer to the Heart's Desire!

_ The Rubaiyat of Omar Khayyam

I'm Very well. Thank you.
OK. I called at your studio but the boys said you had gone home.
Yesss... I did. Mr Eyisi, I'm very glad you decided to choose us for your work.
No. You can call me Tim.
I smile before I text back and in my mind, I'm like, Excuse you, stop trying to patronize me.
Alright. Mr Tim.
No. Just Tim is fine.
OK. Tim.
So, what's your budget like?
Yea. Well, young lady, Tbh, I prefer face-to-face negotiations. Why don't we meet at La Zeroy tomorrow afternoon, say, 2pm?
That would be fine. Except I have several people coming for studio sessions tomorrow and it's me they will like to work with not the boys. How about the day after tomorrow, same time.
Okay then. See you .
I have to run now.
Alright. Ttyl.

I won't be busy tomorrow. The boys can handle wh…

Crush (Short Story)

Have you ever felt bored and lonely that you just feel like vanishing off the surface of the earth? However that feeling is, the opposite is what I feel right now. Because, I am slowly sipping a glass of champagne in a nice cozy restaurant, sitting opposite a guy, I have always had a huge crush on. I don't know how the universe does these things but, isn't it just amazing?

Plus, no there are no butterflies in my belly. Stallions! those are the things galloping in my belly. Happiness is therapeutic. Based on this premise, I think I should be able to lift a mountain now.

He's currently on a call. So, I have ample time to think of our wedding venue, dress, shoe, heavy makeup or go Meghan Markle. All these and the number of guests to expect for our wedding. I still have to drop from this cloud I'm on because, the Prince in front of me , I don't even think he remembers my name.

So, he's off the call and I have already prepared the baddest business pitch on earth. S…


My name is Ejiro. Let me be like James Bond. My name is Ejiro. Ejiro Fernandez. I am woman now. I have elvoved. Life changed gradually from reading Cinderella and all the happily ever after hog wash. To reading books like Woman at point Zero, Beyond the horizon and Second Citizen where the plights of women are aptly potrayed. 

Okay. So, it happened last week. I went to see my fiance at his house. We were getting married in less than six month's time. I wanted him to help me pick out the colour for my wedding shoe. He says, 'Hey babe. I need to take a shower. Will be back in a Jiff. He goes away blowing me a kiss. I smiled. I needed to calculate something quite urgently so,I took out my phone. And oops! My phone goes off. His phone was lying on the bed so I picked it. Opened it. I know the passcode. Its my birthdate. A message comes in from Frank. I don't know any friend called Frank. So,curiosity made me check it. And Frank says, "Hello baby, You were amazing. Never kn…