Seductress, siren , temptress, enchantress Those are the terms you ascribe to my name  But I stand excessively misinterpreted Grossly unfair has your history books been to me ...
Say no more for  I know your plights Delilah  The books undermine your chivalry  Perhaps, they are embarrassed to admit   That it was you, whom without a single sword,  Intermitted the terror that slaughtered scores of men 
I know you Delilah  Your beauty, they say is your curse But you didn’t create yourself now, did you?
I know you Delilah  You gallantly saved your people  From the lures of the concupiscent monster Whose destiny was to wipe out your race
Delilah, I know your plight, I say Couldn’t he have murdered you and fed your carcass to the vultures to devour  But you endured  His foul doting on you  You knew you deserved better than a licentious lover  But you condoned.
Tell me Delilah, What depth of beauty did you possess? That his mind became dull What charm so great that made the man fall Thrice you asked, twice he lied. Unti…

I Want To Be The Book You Are Reading

I want to be the book you are reading  Lying flatly on your table like a spreadsheet  While you flip over through my pages like a voracious reader  Gazing down at me with an unequaled attention  Carefully grasping every bit of knowledge embedded in me. I want to be the book you are reading  Offering you moments of delight occasionally  Serenading your mind  Fiddling with your emotions  Like a child to a toy Rendering to you, the sour sweet experiences of the universe  Until you run out of capacity and shed incessant tears from a place of pain and relief 
I want to be the book you are reading  Leaving you with an overwhelming intensity till you feel  awash and experience a mental coitus  Bringing you to a chasm between this world and the one beyond 
I want to be the book you are reading  Encapsulated in gloss, dressed in your obsessions  The one that’s worth ditching the night’s sleep for  Indulging you to keep a vigil, burning the midnight candle  Whispering to you in silence , your calm in fury
I want to…


I am on the toilet seat as I keep wondering  Tryna understand your purpose, all I see is pain Hello Menstruation, I ain’t even gonna call you dear Why the fuck do you have to hurt me like that  See this ain’t even funny  The way you drag me it’s like I owe you some money  I didn’t do shit, Eve fucking ate the apple  I just want to a normal girl like my bestie Estie  but all you do is make sure I always end up messy It’s like you’re punishing me for being a woman  It’s unfair I ain’t even gonna lie
Take the cramps, take the diarrhea, take pukes, And give me balls instead  Take the cramps, take the diarrhea, take the pukes  And give it to boys instead  See all the boys that ever treated me unfair as lady I think it’s time you teach those fuckers some lessons  Take the cramps, take the diarrhea, take the pukes  And give them to all my exes  Don’t forget to let them know I don’t miss their boring texts Give me my happy days back and take the evil with you

Hello menstruation, see I’m actually trying to disresp…

How To Cook The Nigerian Egusi Soup

Anyone could teach you how to cook Egusi soup but can they teach you how to cook Egusi the Velvety way?
But I’ll teach you! Cos I’m the Velvety chef. Welcome to my blog. New and old visitors, I greet you all. I wouldn’t like to bore you with a long introduction so, my friends let’s learn how to cook the Nigerian  Egusi soup like a pro.
I can cook Egusi in the stir fry method and still slay it but the method we will be learning today is the boiling method.
Boiled Egusi ???
Yea! I’ll advice that you use beef for your Egusi. Beef or goat meat adds a unique taste to the soup . So,
* Boil the meat first and set aside.
*Cleanse your okporoko (stock fish)in water.
*Throughly cleanse your kpomo (cow Hyde) with a knife or sponge in water and salt. *Place these two ingredients in a pot and boil with seasoning.
*When the okoproko becomes tender, mix your blended Egusi with water to form a paste.
*When grinding your Egusi, don’t forget to add a little crayfish. Note that adding too much crayfish in the Egusi …

Fidelis Paul: Guilt

So, I am sitting in my room and I’m staring at the ceiling. It’s been five solid days since there hasn’t been light. I love my privacy so I refrain from going to my neighbors room when they put on their generators. Despite the disturbance I get from the rattling noises their generators make, I endure. I love my neighbor just as my self ; just  because I hope to make it to heaven . It will be unfair to have suffered on earth and also deny myself the joys of heaven. Suddenly,I hear the flickering sound of my bulb, they restore the light! Ah! Ope oh! Up Nepa! The bulb buzzed for a while and burns out. Even if it means that I’ll have to sleep in darkness again this night, at least, I’ll get to charge my phone. 
My cable subscription has expired. Therefore I am restricted to watching NTA and one other boring station. I choose NTA. It was their usual monotonous shows that was airing. I watch on. At least, I get to learn a new word from the presenter. “Burgeon”. I’ll check that out immediatel…

The Day I Almost Died Because Of Food

I get a lot of Dieko, Dieko, you like food. Lol. I want to tell you story. It’s about the day I almost died because of food. I can’t say I remember vividly because it was my mom that narrated the story to me. 

I was one year old. I could walk but sometimes I still crawled. My mum had gone to pay a visit to my maternal grandmother. My grandmother lived in a rented apartment and shared compound with lots of other families who lived in the house. It happened in the afternoon when my mom was taking a nap. I crawled outside to the compound. Because it was in the afternoon, most people had gone out to work so there was nobody in the compound. The house had recently disposed their faeces so the “Shalanga” had been broken and was yet to be remolded. 

In the yard, there was a woman who usually roasts groundnuts for sale. Earlier that day, she had roasted some groundnuts. Unfortunately for me, some of them fell on the “Shalanga”. Immediately I saw the groundnuts, I crawled to pick some of it to e…

Poetry: Grenade

I could catch a grenade for you but, as I shred into pieces
With each parts shattered into trillions
I'll dance on the boulevards of regret
With a dress I borrowed from dismay
And tell sorrow to tell anguish that
I'll reminisce or rather, miss all the forever lost
stolen kisses
I'll dedicate my bones and tissues to your memory
For this is my salvation, for my salvation is this