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Crush (Short Story)

Have you ever felt bored and lonely that you just feel like vanishing off the surface of the earth? However that feeling is, the opposite is what I feel right now. Because, I am slowly sipping a glass of champagne in a nice cozy restaurant, sitting opposite a guy, I have always had a huge crush on. I don't know how the universe does these things but, isn't it just amazing?

Plus, no there are no butterflies in my belly. Stallions! those are the things galloping in my belly. Happiness is therapeutic. Based on this premise, I think I should be able to lift a mountain now.

He's currently on a call. So, I have ample time to think of our wedding venue, dress, shoe, heavy makeup or go Meghan Markle. All these and the number of guests to expect for our wedding. I still have to drop from this cloud I'm on because, the Prince in front of me , I don't even think he remembers my name.

So, he's off the call and I have already prepared the baddest business pitch on earth. S…
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My name is Ejiro. Let me be like James Bond. My name is Ejiro. Ejiro Fernandez. I am woman now. I have elvoved. Life changed gradually from reading Cinderella and all the happily ever after hog wash. To reading books like Woman at point Zero, Beyond the horizon and Second Citizen where the plights of women are aptly potrayed. 

Okay. So, it happened last week. I went to see my fiance at his house. We were getting married in less than six month's time. I wanted him to help me pick out the colour for my wedding shoe. He says, 'Hey babe. I need to take a shower. Will be back in a Jiff. He goes away blowing me a kiss. I smiled. I needed to calculate something quite urgently so,I took out my phone. And oops! My phone goes off. His phone was lying on the bed so I picked it. Opened it. I know the passcode. Its my birthdate. A message comes in from Frank. I don't know any friend called Frank. So,curiosity made me check it. And Frank says, "Hello baby, You were amazing. Never kn…

Burnt Bridges

Nostalgia, it's been a long walk from then
But I miss the days when you lied to my eyes
I was your sport, I was your dice

I miss the days when you sashayed in and out of my space
See, you were the Ronaldo of my world, you were the ace

And now that I walk on the boulevards of burnt bridges and broken promises

I think of how there's no more love in lovely

It's become obsolete like the smile of a young widow

My Favourite Quotes From The Alchemist by Paulo Coelho

So, I read this book early this year and thought, this had to be one of the best books I've read so far. One of the things that renders the book so fascinating is the way the author makes use of biblical archetypal characters. Unlike other works of fiction, the characters are relatable. You feel like, "oh, I know this person!" And that alone makes the book such an amazing read.

The book is replete with so much wisdom that one could almost think it was written by the gods. Well, enough of the accolades. I think I should show you my bests quotes from the book and I believe you won't agree less.

"When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dreams"

" Whoever has money is never really alone."

"Everyone seems to have a clear idea of how other people should lead their lives, but none about his or her own".

" It is not what enters men's mouths that's evil, Its what comes out of…

An Ode to the Fluffy Goodness(Cake)

It's been a while since you heard from me, I know. I've been trying to catch up on life, learn new things and discover the things that really matter.

So, while I was away, what was I up to? Apart from my normal busy schedule, I started learning how to bake! Yea! One of my friends volunteered to teach me, which is so amazing because I get to learn at my own pace.

I've baked two cakes so far. Both cakes mean so much to me because they symbolize my days of humble beginnings which the bible said not to despise.

This was the first ever. I baked it on the 14th of February for my boo. We were miles and poles apart so I didn't get to see him but I still had to demonstrate my love to him.

This was the second. Baked on the 24th of February for my neighbour for his birthday.
So, to the let's proceed to the Ode,
Oh, thou elegant symbol of celebration Fluffy goodness trapped in diverse shapes Cynosure of the events Handless yet uniting Covered yet inviting What is it that you a…

You Lied

You lied I am not the kind given to mindless prattle
Nor am I the kind to be swayed
by the grace of your swaying lips
Ever since I took to the fashion of judging mysteries with the guise of a wolf clan
I have had for myself a vacuum long filled from it's doldrums
I take your words for what they are, words!
with the kindness and calm I can't but disdain
each loose one I sacrifice at the altar of smouldering indifference
For you lied to me,you told me
I had too much to loose
Grand papa says its always better to be left with the "oh wells than the what ifs"
You lied,you said being self-centered is wrong
I am the north star ,the nucleus of this journey breathing life&essence
You lied, you said everything
happens for a reason
Not everything was a
cosmic sign to begin with
You lied ,you always do

Written by Anjolaoluwa Jaiyeola
Have a wonderful day, Xoxo Dieko

Hello Heaven

Hello Heaven,

Heard you would be judging with how it ends
Heard I would be a stranger to all my friends
Heard the music would be alleluyah, hope there's highlife and not just the classicals
Hope we can hip hop to the musicals
Would the angels be on blue jeans, leather jackets or fancy kicks?
Don't tell me it's only white robes.
I'll be bored in less than a week.
Sorry for all the questions, mean no I'll intentions.
Would there be choir practice,I  hope heaven isn't all church service?
Help me not to lose faith, Jesus leave the parables and talk straight...

Written by Peter Nwanguma

Have a Wonderful day ahead,

18 Positive Quotes To Start The Year With

Congratulations! If you are reading this, it means you made it! You're a conqueror! 2018 is going to be big for you.
Why don't you start your new year in a positive way by pondering on these quotes.

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