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Fidelis Paul: Guilt

So, I am sitting in my room and I’m staring at the ceiling. It’s been five solid days since there hasn’t been light. I love my privacy so I refrain from going to my neighbors room when they put on their generators. Despite the disturbance I get from the rattling noises their generators make, I endure. I love my neighbor just as my self ; just  because I hope to make it to heaven . It will be unfair to have suffered on earth and also deny myself the joys of heaven. Suddenly,I hear the flickering sound of my bulb, they restore the light! Ah! Ope oh! Up Nepa! The bulb buzzed for a while and burns out. Even if it means that I’ll have to sleep in darkness again this night, at least, I’ll get to charge my phone. 
My cable subscription has expired. Therefore I am restricted to watching NTA and one other boring station. I choose NTA. It was their usual monotonous shows that was airing. I watch on. At least, I get to learn a new word from the presenter. “Burgeon”. I’ll check that out immediatel…
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The Day I Almost Died Because Of Food

I get a lot of Dieko, Dieko, you like food. Lol. I want to tell you story. It’s about the day I almost died because of food. I can’t say I remember vividly because it was my mom that narrated the story to me. 

I was one year old. I could walk but sometimes I still crawled. My mum had gone to pay a visit to my maternal grandmother. My grandmother lived in a rented apartment and shared compound with lots of other families who lived in the house. It happened in the afternoon when my mom was taking a nap. I crawled outside to the compound. Because it was in the afternoon, most people had gone out to work so there was nobody in the compound. The house had recently disposed their faeces so the “Shalanga” had been broken and was yet to be remolded. 

In the yard, there was a woman who usually roasts groundnuts for sale. Earlier that day, she had roasted some groundnuts. Unfortunately for me, some of them fell on the “Shalanga”. Immediately I saw the groundnuts, I crawled to pick some of it to e…

Poetry: Grenade

I could catch a grenade for you but, as I shred into pieces
With each parts shattered into trillions
I'll dance on the boulevards of regret
With a dress I borrowed from dismay
And tell sorrow to tell anguish that
I'll reminisce or rather, miss all the forever lost
stolen kisses
I'll dedicate my bones and tissues to your memory
For this is my salvation, for my salvation is this

Ride Or Die Episode 3

“A gun! Ah! Please don’t kill me. I will refund your money please...” She begged while already dripping with sweats all over her body despite the air conditioned room. “Ssssh. Keep quiet! “Sam said, evolving into a firmer character than the lost stranger she had met earlier in the day. “So, I’m sure you know that your brother belongs to a cult ?” “Yes,I do.” “What Frat?” “Alora” “Alora?” “Good. I was paid to drop him today. “Please, don’t kill my only brother. I beg you. Kill me instead.” She pleaded amidst her tears. “I won’t ... kill him . Anymore. Because of you.” 
"Because of me? How?"
“You helped me . But you have to call your brother and tell him to leave the school premises for at least a week.” “Thank you. I’ll do that. God bless you.” “You have to be on your way now. It’s getting dark.” With that, Sam sprung to his feet, packed his bag, and was about to leave the room with his accomplice. “Please can I have your number? Nancy asked. Yes. Sure.


Ride Or Die Episode 2

The stranger felt fulfilled as he walked beside her. The day had gone perfectly just as planned. Although, he was running out of time to perform ‘the task’ but he considered the time invested absolutely needful. He seemed to like this strange girl he had just met. She was so jovial and almost everyone greeted her as they walked.
 “You seem to be quite popular here.” He said ,jolting out of his reverie.
 “Why do you say so?”
 “Well because more than a million people have greeted you since we began our tour.”
“I’m just a normal girl here.” She replied. Taking a quick glance at the second guy who had barely said a word since the journey begun. In fact, he seemed not to be interested in any discussion at all. All he did was carry a black bag pack and a poker face.

A young guy approached them and Nancy ran to meet him. Almost immediately the mute guy started to unload his backpack but was quickly stopped by the stranger. After a while, she came back to meet the guys. “Who is that guy to you?” a…

Ride Or Die

Nancy sat at the cafeteria fixated to her phone like the world was going to come to an abrupt end if she did as much as took a glance away from the device. In front of her was a forlorn plate of rice and moi moi which was now being devoured by hungry flies. She seemed to have found a way to contain her whole life and self into the miniature gadget. It was her sole way of shutting off herself from the world that according to her, was filled
with backstabbers, liars and deceitful people.

Music: Upcoming act

Olawale Ajayi ( born 21 December 1994), better known by his stage name ROCKYWALEZ*, is a Nigerian recording artist, singer, songwriter, and performer. He finished from the department of Political science and conflict resolution in Al-hikmah University in Ilorin, Western part of Nigeria in 2016, proceed to doing the compulsory NYSC in 2017.  He is an Afropop singer who draws his inspiration from chris brown, 2-face and other notable musicians.  He has been recording music as far back as 2009 and very versatile with his choice of songs, comfortable with most genres of music. And he is yet to be signed to a notable record label.