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Riddle Me This.

I am something...
It seems I have a knack for screwing things up
I go late for most of my classes
When I finish eating I hate to pack my plates up
Sometimes, you catch me walking too fast with an unkempt hair and totally no make- up
I'm abnormal, I''m a weirdo,I'm a loner.

I am something...
I like to eat my food fast
If I were to contest in an eating competition, I don't think I'll ever come last

I am something...
I am a fairy tale kinda lady
I picture a beautiful marriage with kids just on the first date

I am something...
I can not be put in a box
I am wild and free
I like to make a lot of mistakes
I am pathetic and silly
Shaken but unmoving
I am not nice
 I am not a pretender
Hit me once and I'll hit you twice

Enough said

What am I?

It''s Been A While Since A Long While

Yea, I know it's been a while. I missed blogging. I missed your beautiful comments, advices and doting on my work. My phone was stolen. Stolen when I least expected. In fact, the night before the theft, I had downloaded pictures for the next day's post. The theft was carried out so strategically that I could have thought the thief knew me personally. Anyways, I haven't given up on this dream. So, scrap that if that's what you're thinking. I still see it in a shinning light. It still gets me up at mid nights most times. This is more than just a foreplay of desires to me. It's what I was born for. I can't GIVE UP!

Okay. So, I'm working towards getting a new phone and a system. I hope it comes quick. Till then, I'll keep writing till my big come back.
Watch out for sizzling write-ups. Thank for not giving up as well.