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Staying Strong

Don't try to sell sadness to me, babe I ain't buying. 

I Just went through a phase of my life when I had to be strong for myself. I had to stand up for myself to put me together. It wasn't all that easy, trust me. You know, when the bible says not to reply evil for evil but the seduction of repaying evil is just great. 

Think of those times when someone you dearly in your heart hurts you so deep(do you strong thing) that y
ou could be tempted to not forgive, but rather wish the person be run over by a speeding trailer. However, forgiveness wouldn't be so hard if we understood that such individuals that hurt us also hurt christ, even more yet he died for them. It's possible that those people are going through depression, mid life crisis or even having sucidal thoughts. 
Love is patient, love is kind, love does no evil and love keeps no records of wrong. I leave you with a choice of setting yourself free from the negative energy of unforgiveness or you could put yourself in that, 'How could they do this to me room.' For me, I believe christ forgave me so I could forgive others as well. Forgiveness is liberating. Let go of a grudge today. 
Have a positive day. 


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