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Hello Bro

It is not a new phenomenon for women to marry for material gain. I mean, this concept is as old as time.
It ages back to the ancient Rome where women married to step up their social class, thus they became legacy hunters. This survival relationship technique dates back to the early English societies. This could be seen in the works of Jane Austen, such as Emma, Pride and Prejudice for instance.

Well, I know you might want to wonder why I have gone all literary today. The thing is, for the umpteenth time I have had to re read Mariama Ba's So Long a Letter. I had to read it again because I will be using it for my final year's project case study.

Alright. Let's talk about one character in the novellete that comes to mind. Binetou, who had to marry her friend's father to give her family a better life. An unscrupulous reader might just brush through and raise invectives on her for ruining a perfect home. However, there is more than meets the eye. This lady totally has no love for the old man but after her mother had cried her a river begging for her to take the family from penury to opulence, the young lady agrees.

I believe that sacrificing your long term happiness isn't really worth it. People shouldn't marry for social upgrade but rather, love and the compatibility that exists between lovers.
That is why I have written this short piece,  I hope you like it.

Hello bro,
The stench of your mouth though
If only I wasn't interested in your dough
Hello bro,
I'm staring at your mouth that's shaped like the letter O
The way they twist and turn asking me to be your own
Woo, leave my hand alone, I want to go
You asked if I love you. Well, I don't think so
I desire a parole
From this prisoner role I get to play in this romance.

Have a positive day ahead.
I love you , God loves you more


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