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An Ode to the Fluffy Goodness(Cake)

It's been a while since you heard from me, I know. I've been trying to catch up on life, learn new things and discover the things that really matter.

So, while I was away, what was I up to? Apart from my normal busy schedule, I started learning how to bake! Yea! One of my friends volunteered to teach me, which is so amazing because I get to learn at my own pace.

I've baked two cakes so far. Both cakes mean so much to me because they symbolize my days of humble beginnings which the bible said not to despise.

This was the first ever. I baked it on the 14th of February for my boo. We were miles and poles apart so I didn't get to see him but I still had to demonstrate my love to him.

This was the second. Baked on the 24th of February for my neighbour for his birthday.

So, to the let's proceed to the Ode,

Oh, thou elegant symbol of celebration
Fluffy goodness trapped in diverse shapes
Cynosure of the events
Handless yet uniting
Covered yet inviting
What is it that you are made of?
Is it not just butter?
Is it not just flour?
What is it, oh fluffy goodness milky taste of heaven?
What is it that makes my heart long for you?

Have a wonderful day,


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Oh Woman! What is it that you are made of?
What do you bear, what elements constitutes your being?
What is it about your voice that they desperately try to silence?

Oh woman, what are the components of your heart?
Why do you love so fearlessly
Daintily Sunshine upon the sea spread so carelessly
You are more than a decoration
You are not the appetizer or dessert, you are the main course

Oh woman, why do you allow yourself to be beguiled, enchanted, and bewitched
that you think you are not capable of leadership
Who, did this to you?
Who told you your colony was the kitchen
And your armory was your breast, buttom and luscious eyes

Woman! Unpretzel your mind!
Your weapon is your informed mind
Woman you are human first
Before you are a mother or wife
Awake from your inertia
Woman you are strength
Viva la mujer!

Have a Wonderful week.



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