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They Call Me Ugly

Oblong headed with a large face
I call it large, you call it fat
Treading the road with my designer bow legs

I hear the jeers and ew's
The signs of irritation glaringly written on thier faces
I almost believed I was a fiend
I almost lost sight of who I am
I've got brains but not your definition of beauty
No fake lashes or even plastic surgery
I appreciate beautiful folks but I believe all is vanity
It's not my fault you call me ugly
I didn't do anything to be the way I am
And so did your 'fine' people too
I'm beautiful on the inside
It's not my fault you just can't see

This is dedicated to all plus sized people in the world, even if they call you ugly, know that you're beautiful not just in their assessment of beauty.
Have a positive day.


olaolu falokun said…
Beauty is a genetic accident,ur parents didn't plan it.lets be cautious of how we use our tongue to ruin others. Nice one dear
Amber Werner said…
Beautiful post. Beauty fades, but it's more important to have a beautiful heart and personality. Thanks for sharing this girl, you are truly inspiring.

external beauty fades, but a beautiful heart will not.. sexy hot stunning woman??? ahhhh when they reach 60 who will appreciate? will they still have that? but a woman with a great beautiful heart who is the real beautiful one.. will remain beautiful whether she is 20;30; or 60.
Grace Adepoju said…
Awww. Thanks babe. That was so encouraging.
Beautiful post! I think you are beautiful, its too bad society decides what is "beautiful". It is to bad that images reflect one type of person and exclude all other forms of beauty. Plus size, skinny, curvy, whatever, every single person is beautiful and true beautiful people can see that. Everyone else has superficial and confirmative opinions, those opinions do not matter.
great post! I think beauty ideals are changing every day, but this stigma still sticks. I think every person can be beautiful based on what's inside, not outside.

stop by for a chat ♥
Divya Budhraja said…
Beautiful. You and this post!
Zan Turner said…
Beautifully written and to the point. You don't look ugly to me at all. True beauty really goes beyond what the eyes can see.
Roxy said…
This is marvelous. What's most important is that you are able to love the skin you're in. To hell what other people think!

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