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Why Did I Ever Love You?

Bring me a pen and a paper
And I'll let the ink flow like a lady's monthly issue

Today, I want to have an intercourse with the sheets...
Hit it so hard that it rips apart
I'll unhook and fling my plights at this processed timber
I'll go slow and hard,
the pleasures of this affair will be heard far and wide
If only pages could moan...

I have always known you to be a coward
One very afraid of being rejected
I tell you, I feel the same way too
I guess that makes us even
So, let me pour my raw rage,
Unleash my creativity on this naked piece of paper
I know you'll never get to see this
So, I'll bare my heart in this piece

Why did I ever love you
Knowing you were a poet
Why did I fall in love with someone
who romantize and exaggerates love
I fell for your lines
Heaven knows I fell hard
They came in soft whispers
Caressing my soul,body and mind
And they ravished me
Oh! Poor me
They engaged me in a mental coitus
Now, see what I've delivered
Many lines filled with hurt.

Have a positive day.
Love you loads.


SveetesKapes said…
Such a deep thought and post! Like how you have put your feelings in words in a simple way.
xx, Kusum |
Wow. Very powerful. So much emotional I. This poem. I really enjoyed it.
That hits really deep. Im feeling the same way!
Ileana said…
This is beautiful!


Novelstyle Blog
Beautiful poem, wow. I love your use of words; processed timber, If only pages could moan, Unleash my creativity on this naked piece of paper.......
I love the way you write! So much meaning and from the heart. Keep at it:)
Grace Adepoju said…
Aww. Thanks babe. I'm happy you liked it.
Grace Adepoju said…
Thank you babes. I sure will.
Grace Adepoju said…
Thanks. That was encouraging.
Grace Adepoju said…
Thanks. I'm happy you enjoyed it.
Grace Adepoju said…
Aww. Shit happens. We're gonna be fine.
This is so emotional and raw. Great job! Keep it up!
Uyisteven said…
Am seriously loving this...Freaking jealous of your writing capabilitiez...

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