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Ok. Let’s get serious. Let’s talk about girl power, beauty stereotypes, womanity. In a nut shell, let’s talk about who we are.

Well, if you know me well enough, I say it without shame, remorse or a tinge of guilt, “I am a foodie! Unapologetically gourmet.” Being a foodie doesn’t mean I over eat or consume things that are detrimental to my well being. Don’t get it messed up there. Being a foodie simply means having the ability to eat what you want to eat because you want to eat it and not because you are afraid or trying not to get fat by starving. Simply put, freedom!

“Eating is about many things, but it is also about power. To a majority of the world, which goes to bed hungry involuntarily, this is actually not a choice. Approximately seventy percent of the female population is on a diet at any given time. More women diet than vote.” Susan  J Gilman

Whoever said it was only skinny that was beautiful? Oh yeah, the skinny models say so, the magazines say so, celebrities say so and even we ourselves are not left out of the saying list. God, the originator of beauty says, all things were wonderfully and fearfully made. Oh yes, it includes the plus size lady too. Sure, it is good to be in shape and to eat nutritiously but with the obsessive calorie counting that goes on today, young women are opt to lose our sanity along with the pounds.

Maybe if girls would stop focusing so much on our looks and start redirecting that energy towards our minds instead, we’d create even more serious competition in the world politics. The women who have truly influenced the world have done so because of their ideologies and smartness. Chimamanda Adiche, Oprah Winfrey, J.K Rowling, Jane Austen… None of these women are making history because they are going unclad in a bikini pose or singing naked.

Carla Barton has impacted the world saving lives through the Red Cross society than a naked Beyonce singing to thousands of horny men will ever do. Margret Sanger, who pioneered birth control has done more to liberate women sexually than those nudists our young girls have as their role models will ever do. These women were/are people who weren’t so obsessed with physical beauty they were people who invested in their minds. For Pete’s sake even Cleopatra wasn’t stupid she could speak seven languages! Physical beauty fades. Invest on your mind so as to be able to influence your world positively.

Real girl power is not the boobs and the butts but the brains! That’s true beauty. It is not a post modernist craze for perverseness but a decision to decency.

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