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Happy new year!    
Goodbye is a poem about a girl with shattered dreams about love. It is a poem that reveals the whining of  a girl with too much fantasies about love. It's like she carries a glass heart about so it gets broken all the time. This is not a Taylor Swift kinda thing, so don't get it twisted. It's been a long while since I posted here, I hope you like this piece tho.

In the perfect picture of your life, you say I don't fit
not a standing let alone a seat
Alas we reach the end of deceit
A road that leaves me lonely and bereft
Your memories, so grave not something I'll like to repeat
You go to your million dollar babies
but you think I'm always around, everywhere like biscuit

Oh Lord, I know that I have sinned
All the bonds we have sealed
things we did; obscene
various forms of sin
Goodbye to stolen kisses
My heart is shattered, will pick the pieces
Goodbye to secret affairs
I believe there is someone out there who thinks I'm fair!
I'll however miss the days when goodbyes didn't mean GOOD-BYE
The days when it meant, till we meet again tomorrow.

Have a positive day.
Love you pieces.
XOXO, Dieko.


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